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Bio-LIFE revitiz Capsules 30’s




reVitiz is a special 4-in-1 formulation containing sulphurated amino acid (L-Cysteine), vitamins, minerals and herb (horsetail extract), which provide essential nutrients for healthy hair growth and strengthening from within. L-cysteine, the basic building block of hair keratin, helps to provide strength to hair. Deficient in keratin will result in weak and brittle hair. Horsetail extract, vitamin C, B vitamins, zinc, iron and copper improve hair nutrition and nourish the scalp.

Who are recommended to take revitiz? 
– Those who wish to have healthy hair growth
– Those who wish to strengthen hair from within

Direction For Use
One capsule once daily before meals. If in gastric discomfort, it can be taken with meal or as recommended by pharmacist.


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