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DR. Mama Fabric Mask 1pc (Adult)


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DR. Mama Protect Me Fabric Mask is a “self-sanitising” face mask that will kill most pathogens upon contact with the special treated fabric. The fabric is impregnated with positively charged silver ions which will be released to destroy the bacteria, fungi and viruses upon contact with pathogens. The silver ions will continue to be released up to 100 washes and continue to function to kill the microbes. With the use of organic cotton, DR Mama Fabric Mask is gentle on your skin without causing toxicity related to any health risks.

Care instructions
This mask should only be used up to a maximum of one day before it must be washed. Handwash using a mild detergent. Hang to dry and do not use again until completely dry. This mask has been rated to be washable up to 100 times. Handwashing will help to improve the lifespan. If any puncture, hole or significant wear and tear appears, dispose of the mask and use a new mask.