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Hovid QuicKlean Antibacterial Hand Gel 50mL


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QuicKlean™ Antibacterial Hand Gel is a rinse-free hand sanitizer that helps your family fight germs while they are on the go. QuicKlean™ has been tested to kill 99% of germs as quickly as 15 seconds without the use of water or towels. QuicKlean™ is safe even for use on children. Formulated and manufactured under strict Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) conditions, all ingredients used in this formulation have been tested for skin tolerance. A study conducted at a local university has proven QuicKlean™ to effectively kill 99% of germs at each use while leaving no chemical residue and is safe for handling food.

Active Ingredients
Ethyl Alcohol equivalent to Ethanol 70%

Direction For Use
Squeeze a small amount onto palm. Rub QuicKlean to all parts of hands until dry without rinsing.