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OHMS Probiotics Softgels 80’s




OHMS Probiotics contains 8 strains of live lactic acid bacteria together with premium seasonal fruits, vegetables and seaweeds added in as prebiotics to promote the growth of good bacteria. This unique combination undergoes a multi-year fermentation in Japan to produce postbiotics, including 18 amino acids, 9 vitamins and 8 minerals. OHMS is clinically proven to relieve diarrhoea and constipation, fight against H.pylori and fungal infections, and prevent relapse of urinary tract infections. It also helps to promote wound healing and is effective in alleviating allergic reactions.

OHMS is free from preservatives, colouring and artificial additives. No refrigeration is required.

Suitable for vegetarians.

Direction for use
2-4 softgels daily or as needed for adults. 1 softgel daily or as needed for children.


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