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Tocovid Vitality (Yam) 850g


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As we get older, we gain wisdom and experience. Unfortunately, the body will show some signs and symptoms of decline in physical and mental capabilities, such as slower metabolism and bowel movement, weaker bones and muscle strength, lack of energy, slower healing process as well as a decline in memory, multi-tasking skills and analytical thinking skills. Therefore, our body and brain require extra nutrition to keep them healthy and active especially after the age of 50.

Tocovid Vitality comes in a healthy formulation which helps to fulfill your brain and body needs. Tocovid Vitality is low fat and low sugar and is also suitable for people with controlled diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol.

1. Palm tocotrienols
– Clinically proven in Stroke Journals for brain cell protection which in turn help to reduce the risks of stroke and dementia and reduce decline of brain function

2. High calcium
– Prevent osteoporosis and help reduce muscle stiffness

3. Instant and prolonged energy
– Contain isomaltulose to release energy steadily and reduce sugar spikes

4. Complete nutrition
– Consist of 28 essential vitamins and minerals, a key nutrient for senior adults

5. Prebiotics and high in fibre
– Maintain healthy gut that helps to balance bacteria in the gut system, while Promitor as a soluble and insoluble fibre to eliminate toxins from the bowel

6. Low fat
– Promote heart health

7. High protein
– Build muscles

Directions Of Use:
Mix 5 scoops of tocovid vitality in 200mL of warm water. Recommend 2 servings per day.