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Maltofer Fol Chewable Tabs 30’s




Maltofer Fol which contains iron polymaltose and folic acid, is indicated for the treatment of iron deficiency with or without anaemia, and prevention of iron and folic acid deficiency before, during and after pregnancy. Maltofer iron is absorbed by the body in an active and controlled manner. Controlled iron absorption has some distinct and clinically proven benefits. Studies have shown Maltofer is associated with fewer gastrointestinal side effects such as constipation, nausea and vomiting than other iron preparations that contain ferrous salts (ferrous sulphate or ferrous fumarate). Most iron supplements are recommended to be taken on an empty stomach because simple foods like tea, coffee and milk can interfere with iron absorption. Maltofer on the other hand can be taken with food anytime and absorption of the iron will not be affected. In fact, studies have demonstrated that iron absorption with Maltofer significantly increases when taken with food.

Iron deficiency w/ & w/o anaemia. Prophylaxis of iron deficiency during pregnancy.

Direction For Use
Treatment of iron-deficiency anamia during pregnancy:
2-3 tablets daily until a normalisation of the haemoglobin (Hb) value is achieved. Continue the treatment with 1 tablet daily at least until the end of the pregnancy to replenish the iron stores and to supplement the increased iron need during pregnancy.

Treatment of iron deficiency without anaemia and prevention of iron and folic acid deficiency: 1 tablet daily.

Maltofer Fol chewable tablets can be chewed or swallowed whole and should be taken during or immediately after a meal. The daily dosage can be divided into separate doses or can be taken all at once.


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